Teaching resources and experiences. Recent experiences listed first. 


American Politics Online: POLSCI1100

Taught an online course in American Politics for over 200 students over two semesters. This included setting up course content, course structure, timing, and responding to technical issues. This was in accordance with Soomo Learning and Ohio State's Canvas system. 

Voters and Elections

Worked as a teaching assistant for over seventy students in American political behavior and elections. Students learned about contemporary debates in American political science. Worked with technologies such as Top Hat and Carmen systems:

Ohio State's Canvas system (Carmen) is offered by the Office of Distance Education and eLearning

Top Hat

          "Polly's Restaurant" 1913

          "Polly's Restaurant" 1913

American Political Thought

Co-taught a political theory course at Western Illinois University using the "Reacting to the Past" (RTTP) teaching pedagogy. RTTP is a class simulation in which students role-play as characters from a historically interesting time and work with like-thinkers to solve issues within their groups. 

My experience included being the owner of a hypothetical restaurant in Greenwich Village, 1913. Students became passionate about reconciling Marxist and feminist philosophies heavily debated during the time. 

Learn more about RTTP:     https://reacting.barnard.edu/node/3527

Undergraduate Quantitative Methods

Helped undergraduate students learn statistical processing in the Statistics Package for Social Sciences (SPSS). Students also learned survey design, variable operationalization, and research design. Students left with an intuition on how to conduct and interpret emperical research.